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“The best kind of medicine is the gentlest treatment that produces the maximum healing response” Andrew M Weil MD

Welcome to: 1 Minute Wellness – August 2014

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“Have you got a personalised maintenance plan?”

My Dad’s car

My late Dad’s name was Ollie and I inherited his turquoise 1982 Toyota Corolla, which I still own – turquoise was a fashionable car colour in 1982. I have kept the car for three reasons: (1) when I drive it, it feels like he’s sitting next to me and that’s comforting, (2) it makes sense to have a spare car and (3), the engine purrs when you start it, because my Dad serviced it meticulously according to the service book.

Ollie’s sixth sense service book

Not only did Ollie have a service book for his car though, he also had an internal service book in which he subconsciously kept tabs on his health. I call it his “sixth sense service book”. Taking care of his health came easily to him and few knew this, because he got on with life without much fuss.

Healthy balanced living

Ollie was spot on when it came to healthy balanced living. It simply meant:

Healthy balanced eating,6- 8 hours sleep per night, moderate exercise (he exercised on the mat next to his bed in the morning, including breathing exercises, and he never went near a gym), and sensible lifestyle habits.

Laws of Nature

Ollie’s health routine followed the laws of nature. Laws which cannot be broken without consequences downstream, for our mental or physical health – sometimes even resulting in crippling illnesses such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, back and neck pain and headaches. Many chronic health problems can be managed with modifiable lifestyle changes, such as poor dietary choices and physical inactivity

Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy we will help you with your personal health needs and get you feeling healthy, fit and energised safely, effectively and fast and so that you can stay that way forever.

Isn’t it strange that we pay through our noses for a car maintenance plan because we don’t want to get stuck on a lonely road at night, yet we don’t consider the possible risks to ourselves and our families if we don’t take care of our health?

So if you’re feeling “stuck”, consider this an invitation to get in touch. 

I wish you abundant health and happiness.


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