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PROCESSED FOODThe term ‘processed food’ applies to any food that has been altered from its natural state in some way. This means you may be eating more processed food than you realise. For example your morning fruit yoghurt may contain more sugar than a can of coke!

 5 reasons why processed foods are bad for your health:

  1. They are usually high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Overconsumption can lead to obesity.
  2. They contain artificial ingredients, which aren’t actually food
  3. Many people can literally become addicted to processed junk foods. View this 2004 top documentary film:
  4. They are often high in refined carbohydrates and extremely low in essential nutrients.
  5. They tend to be low in fibre, which can cause bowel diseases, such as diverticulitis, and bowel cancer.

1 minute health tip: Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy are the cornerstones of our treatment strategy, which includes healthy balanced eating – one of the essential components of becoming healthy and staying healthy. If you want increased vitality, energy, happiness, improved family life and relationships with friends, talk to me about how to eliminate processed foods from your diet, at your next appointment.

I wish you abundant health and happiness.


 By sharing life, we live.

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