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 Welcome to: 1 Minute Wellness – September 2014

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“Are you a doctor,?”, the assistant in the jewellery store asked.

Recently, my wife asked me to take her wristwatch to a jeweller because it had stopped working. I went off to a local jeweller and was served by a very pleasant, friendly lady. She looked at the watch and said questioningly  “it’s probably the battery, so shall we check that first?”. I agreed and she took the watch through to her workshop.

Whilst we were waiting, we got chatting and during the course of conversation she asked “Are you a doctor?” As we had not talked about health or illness, I was surprised by her question “Why did you ask that?”. “No particular reason”, she replied, “I just thought you looked like a doctor”.

“That’s fascinating” I said. “Actually I’m a Therapeutic Reflexologist and Craniosacral therapist”.

“A what??” she asked  screwing up her eyes.

”I help people who are in pain or who aren’t happy with their health, to get healthy, fit and energised safely, effectively and fast so that they can stay that way”.

“Oh”, she said “would you be able to help me with my back pain?. I’ve had back pain for about 10 years and have been told there’s nothing that can be done –  I have to live with the pain.”

“Nobody can guarantee good health, but I strongly believe and through experience know that if people follow our strategy, they will achieve sustained good health. The way I can help you best, is for you to come and see me at my practice, soyou can tell me your story and tell me what you’re looking for and the results you want. Sometimes making changes can be challenging, even if we aren’t happy with our present state of health. For that reason a programme is designed especially for you, so that everything feels right.”

Disappointment flashed across her face “Can’t you just tell me if you think you can help me?”

“Let me put it to you this way” I said. “If I came into your shop without my wife’s “on-the-blink” watch and asked you to tell me what you thought was wrong with it, you’d surely tell me that I need to bring the watch in so that you could check it out, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh……….” she replied a little uncertainly, but nodding her head. “I think I get it. How many appointments will I need?”.

“Most people do feel the benefits of Craniosacral therapy and Reflexology immediately. If it takes a little longer, they will generally see enough improvement after 4 treatments to know that it’s going to work. You see, our aim is to find and treat the underlying cause of your pain, not merely the symptoms, because that way you can get long-term pain relief.

It’s not just the “physical thing – it is energy work and a vital part of the healing is our therapeutic intention”. You did say that you’ve been in pain for 10 years, didn’t you?”.

“I’m with you, when can I come and see you?”…………………………………………..….

 1 minute health tip: It makes sense to do something you know you should, even though you don’t want to, because you know it will make you feel better later


So if you’re If you’re concerned that other approaches  are not producing the kind of results you’d like to see, consider this an invitation to get in touch. 

 I wish you abundant health and happiness.


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