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We have a lot more control over our wellbeing than we think!

 We can choose to be healthy!

 Genetics, upbringing and environment do make aHEALTHY BLACK COUPLE difference, but we should see them as influences only. In this way, we exercise control over our circumstances. Not being controlled by them.

People who believe they’re determined by their genetics, or their upbringing, or their environment, or their circumstances, will increasingly feel victimized and not in charge of their lives…………

Furthermore, they will produce the evidence to support their belief.

Research shows that it’s not just our genes that determine our life, but how we care for our genes with dietary and lifestyle choices that can influence how our genes behave.

In other words, we can change how our genes are expressed. Stress, diet and lifestyle choices may activate chemical switches that regulate gene expression.

This means that though we may be susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, etc. we do not necessarily have to succumb to them. That is, our genes are a predisposition, not a fate, and the expression of our genes is much more dynamic and modifiable than previously realized.

Knowing we can influence our genetic destiny is an extremely empowering feeling, because it puts the ball back in our court, enabling us to take charge of our wellbeing.

1 minute health tip: Exercising control of our wellbeing is being proactive and is hugely empowering. The opposite is being reactive, which creates a whole spirit of negativity.

If you want to reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your dietary and lifestyle habits so that you can have increased vitality, energy, focus and engagement at work, fitness, happiness and improved family life……………… , then consider this an invitation to get in touch.

Our Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy sessions will deal your personal dietary (including body weight) and lifestyle issues and reduce your stress and anxiety.



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