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Do you feel you have more stress than you are able to BURNOUTmanage adequately? Feelings of being out of control, frustrated, , tense, anxious, fearful, spending most of your time on tasks that seem overwhelming?

If you do, you may be suffering from burnout. (physical and emotional exhaustion)

7 causes of Burnout:

  1. Poor dietary habits. When under stress, the need for healthy nutrients is much greater.
  2. Water deficiency. Inadequate or poor quality water affects oxygenation of the tissues.
  3. Persistent infections, These contribute greatly to the toxic load of the body.
  4. Stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol are among the most common
  5. Unhealthy responses to stress, such as worrying, or becoming angry or afraid.
  6. Working too much
  7. Stress, such as family, personal or financial problems.

 Health risks

When suffering from burnout, some people engage in unhealthy coping strategies like drinking more coffee to summon up the energy to drag themselves to work in the morning.

Other harmful strategies are: drinking too much alcohol, smoking, being too sedentary, eating too much junk food, not eating enough, or not getting enough sleep and relying on sleeping pills to sleep.

Burnout increases the danger of real health problems like digestive issues, heart disease, stroke, depression and obesity.

 1 minute health tip: Treat yourself with compassion, love, care, dignity and make your wellbeing a priority.

 Therapeutic Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy work on several levels of your collective mind-body-spirit simultaneously. This can help relieve stress and balance negative energies, such as fear,& anger. Better dietary habits, water drinking and persistent infections are dealt with regularly at treatments

 If feeling good is important to you, consider this an invitation to get in touch.

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