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Therapeutic Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology, the ancient Chinese healing therapy, is finding renewed popularity as a natural holistic practice that is both therapeutic and preventative.

Based on the principle that reflexes in our feet, hands and ears mirror the structures in our bodies, a skilled Reflexologist stimulates the reflexes with the fingers and the thumbs. The purpose of this is to correct any imbalances, and to cleanse and revitalize the body to facilitate normalization of function, says Arthur John Rosen, Therapeutic Reflexologist and past Chairman of The National Reflexology Association.

The practice of Therapeutic Reflexology, an art well-established and respected in contemporary medicine and increasingly used alongside conventional medicine treatments, also looks to help restore the free flow of ‘energy circulation’ within and around the body. It looks to realign the mind, body and spirit to a state of wellbeing and harmony, reducing stress and tension and creating a space in the body for healing to take place.

Therapeutic  Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy, which helps the body maintain physiological balance and health at the same time as stimulating the body’s defense mechanism and healing potential. It is a safe and effective approach to health, wellness and vitality and is completely natural.

An increasing number of people are using Reflexology as a way of relaxing, and of balancing and harmonizing the body, and in cases of terminal illness like cancer, multiple sclerosis and Aids, whilst not capable of removing the causes of the illness, reflexology treatment goes a long way to helping with pain relief, improving quality of life and to making the patient more comfortable.

“We all need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our most precious asset – our health – which it is a mitzvah to safeguard.”

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