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“Are You Allowing Social Media to Wreck Your Health?”

Each week, perhaps each day, we find:

  • a new line-up of ‘health’ foods on the supermarket shelves, which QUICK FIX PILLSwe absolutely must have………
  • a new scientific weight-loss programme that will get rid of 5kgs of unwanted body weight in 7 days…………
  • a new exercise regime based on the latest fitness research that promises us that coveted 6-pack within 28 days ‑ and what’s more, guarantees admiring glances from the opposite sex……….

As long as we adopt a paradigm of health based on social values and allow ourselves to be lured by unrealistic promises of quick or short-term results, we disempower ourselves. 

There is no quick fix. There is no pill for it, nor is there a magic exercise device. Improving our health, like anything else of value in life, is a process, not an event. The process is multifaceted and to be effective involves our physical and our emotional health. There is no physical health without emotional health.  

The way we empower ourselves is by living a life based on habits embracing fundamental and natural health laws and principles. Principles that make sense. They simplify our busy lives and lower our feelings of stress, anxiety, confusion, fear, being out of control, unhappiness and chaos.

Help yourself identify your hidden possibilities, by asking yourself 5 simple questions. This can make all the difference if you want more vitality & energy, better sleep and relaxation and have less stress and anxiety, and without taking any harmful drugs with harmful side-effects:

  1. How would I feel if had healthy eating habits that also reduced my hunger and helped me lose weight?
  2. How would I feel if I had less stress or anxiety in my life?
  3. If I could create my future health, so that I have more vitality and energy to do the things I want, what would the next year look like?
  4. What am I going to do about it?
  5. What will happen if I do nothing?

1 Minute Health Tip: “The best way to get something done, is to begin”. Author unknown

If feeling and looking good is important to you and you’re ready to take the next step, call Arthur, Therapeutic Reflexologist and Craniosacral Therapist today.


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