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“What will happen if I just do nothing?”TRAUMA

Trauma can result from a single brief exposure to a deeply distressing, disturbing or overwhelming experience, even if it doesn’t involve physical harm.

 According to research, the majority of the body’s systems are negatively affected by trauma. In addition, the risk factors for development of future illness are alarmingly greater following exposure to trauma. The psychological consequences can be equally devastating.

Any traumatic experience has the potential to linger in your mind, for life. Once there, these memories can cause you to withdraw from others, feel helpless, have flashbacks … in other words they can completely control and overtake your life

 We live in a “culture of violence”, where so many people have been exposed to trauma from crime such as rape, hijackings, armed robberies, sexual and physical abuse. However, trauma is by no means limited to acts of violence. You can   experience emotional and psychological trauma as the result of extraordinarily stressful events that destroy your sense of security, leaving you feeling helpless and vulnerable.

Dr David Levy (writing in 1946) found that children in hospitals for routine reasons often experienced the same kind of severe symptoms as “shell shocked” soldiers that had to be brought back from the front lines. 

Treating trauma with Craniosacral therapy

In the words of Peter Levine Phd “trauma is ‘locked’ in the body. It is the body that must be accessed to discharge the locked in energy.”

Only the wisdom of the core of the body can heal it and the core of the body responds best to touch and smell. Words won’t be heard. Reasoning is irrelevant. Emotional appeals seldom work. It can’t be ‘fixed’ or manipulated.

What is required is a safe, loving, close, but not suffocating holding, containing and supporting the body, as is.

Our Craniosacral therapy treatments harmonize with this, fully. 

1 minute health tip: The sooner trauma is addressed, the better chance a victim has of recovering successfully and fully.

Neglecting the treatment of trauma will prevent you feeling whole again.

Contact Arthur if you want relief from trauma.


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