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Isn’t it strange, how easily we’re seduced by new ideas. Particularly when they promise “instant cure for acid reflux” or “the 8 week cholesterol cure” or “a new pill that reverses aging”, or “melt away 10kgs in 2 weeks”.

We’ve all been there. Yours truly included. We wake up, ready to start our day with the best intentions, and then we switch on our computers, only to find a new, better way to improve our health that promises magical results. Suddenly, our focus shifts. We’re signing up for “This solution to transforming your health is so effortless, you might wonder if it really works”.

Firms fined $150M over false advertising of diet supplement

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) Federal officials have hit several Southern California distributors with tens of millions of dollars in fines for falsely advertising a dietary supplement’s ability to restore memory loss and improve brain function.

The Solution

    1. Be careful of the “something new” claims, because if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!
    2. Think twice before wasting your hard-earned money on unrealistic promises and just as importantly exercise caution before handing over the reins of your healthcare to someone who promises too much. Results are what’s important.
    3. Do your own research, so that you understand what they’re talking about and whether they’ll be able to honour their promises.
  • Beware of food labels containing words such as: “light”, “natural”, “fat free”, “low fat”, “all natural”, “no added msg”, “reduced sugar”, “sugar free”, “organic”, “healthy”, “made with whole grain”, etc. The list goes on and on………….


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Lifetime Health is dedicated to ‘medical’ reflexology supported by proven, sustainable fundamental dietary and lifestyle principles, that will give you more energy, vitality, health and wellbeing, that will align with your personal life values. 

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