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KNEE PAINWelcome to 1 Minute Wellness – January 2015

“Everything we do, we do because we believe that by empowering people with personal wellness, they can live their best life” 

This newsletter is sent to you with our compliments and is intended to help you protect your health and keep you looking young and fit, naturally. We hope you enjoy today’s issue and thank you for reading it

The conversations  that place in the change rooms at the gym have always fascinated me. Naturally, I am only referring to the men’s change rooms – and the conversations that take place when men are dressing after their workouts! Men don’t seem to be quite as chatty before their work-outs. Perhaps its because more oxygen is pumped to our brains when we don our sneakers and hit the gym.

From “how was your workout today?” to “how often do you workout?” to “how was the temperature in the aqua pool today?” to “can’t you tell your instructor to lower her voice – I could hear her from the other side of the gym? to “have you been to …………….restaurant?’ to ” have you seen Morgan Freeman’s latest movie?”…………

Recently, I noticed that the chap dressing alongside me had his knee strapped. Well this excited my natural curiosity so I asked him ” what happened to your knee, George?”. ” I injured it and it is very painful” he replied. “Oh” I said “Should you be gyming ?”. “I can’t stop now, I’m running a long distance race in two weeks time and I have to be fit for it. In any event, I intend getting a cortisone injection before the race to take care of the pain”. “George, just listen to yourself” I said. “What you’re telling me is insane”. George looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I decided not to discourage him further and wished him luck for the race.

On the one hand I admired George’s determination. On the other hand,  I know that drugs merely mask the pain and further aggravation to his injured knee could cause him non-stop pain and even permanent disability.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us we have a problem and we shouldn’t ignore the message. Mostly, when people are in pain they think that is purely a physical problem. There are, in fact, other factors that need to be considered in order to find a permanent solution for the pain. These include poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress levels and negative emotions

1 minute health tip: “The best kind of medicine is the gentlest treatment that produces the maximum healing response” Andrew M Weil MD

If you’re in pain and want immediately relief, leading to increased vitality, energy, happiness, improved family life and relationships with friends, consider this an invitation to get in touch.

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