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What’s happening?

Many people are suffering with digestive issues, poor breathing and difficulty with speaking, back, shoulder and neck pain, forward head posture, fatigue, sore muscles, increased feelings of stress and depression and decreased energy levels and more…………

 What causes it?

Eating right and exercising are steps in the right direction, but these practices alone will not guarantee good health.

If you’re suffering with digestive issues you may want to take a closer look at something you may not have considered. Your posture. Poor posture and slouching constricts your intestines, creating digestive distress.

Poor posture can also create constriction in other parts of the body, which can result in:

  • Poor breathing and difficulty with speaking
  • Back, shoulder and neck pain, can result in tension in your neck, shoulders and spine and eventually works its way up to your head and causes tension headaches.
  • Increased feelings of stress and depression and decreased energy levels. Try slouching and see how it makes you feel.                                                         

What’s the solution?

My mother had a kind of solution. “Stand up straight, don’t slouch”, she used to reprimand me, What my Mom didn’t realise was that this was a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It was not my unwillingness to stand up straight that was the problem, the problem was a permanent misalignment in the bones of my feet, caused by wearing poor footwear, not knowing how to walk etc. Until the misalignment was fixed, the problem wouldn’t go away. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and any misalignment in the bones of the feet will cause foot problems and eventually cause further “not so obvious” problems in the body. Structure governs function.

Misalignments in the bones of the feet can be corrected with a reflexology technique. This will improve your posture, so you noticeably feel better. It is particularly important for children who are slow in talking. Children who walk right, talk right!

Do you have chronic ill-health? Are you frustrated with a treatment that is not giving you a permanent solution? If you want more energy, vitality and lifted mood so you can feel better and live better, you need reflexology! Contact Arthur, who can help you with an effective, sustainable wellness solution.


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