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I am regularly asked at corporate wellness events about the feet-body connection in reflexology:

“How do you know that I suffer from headaches? How do you know I have lower back pain? How do you know I’m a smoker? And more……….”

The feet are a mirror-image of the body and health assessments are based on what the feet reveal. We say “the feet never lie”.

There are, in fact, reflexes in the feet, hands, body and ears, wherein the body structures are mirrored. Disease, injury, illness or tension in the body is reflected on the corresponding reflex area on the feet. It shows up as a tenderness, a sensitivity, a discoloration or a pain at that reflex.

Health problems revealed by the feet at recent wellness events:

Stress, backache, shoulder tension, neck tension, poor sleeping habits, poor dietary habits, people gasping for breath, sinus, headaches, not drinking sufficient water, respiratory problems. I also found that many people were concerned about body weight, fatigue, and most were concerned about low energy levels.

Employer and employee response to Lifetime Health Reflexology treatments at wellness events: “Always valuable”. (Testimonials available on request.)

About Therapeutic, ‘medical’, reflexology

  • Most people are physically stuck. Most people are emotionally stuck. Many people are physically & emotionally stuck. I know this because I have had “face-to-face” contact with many employees, at many levels, for many years.
  • Therapeutic or ‘medical’ Reflexology is a profound healing process which facilitates normalisation of function throughout the body, by working at a cellular level. It is preventative and corrective. It is non-invasive. There are no drugs and their side effects. It is quite safe, because only the fingers and thumbs are used in a treatment. Simply put, it is about getting and keeping people feeling good.
  • Therapeutic Reflexology benefits people directly and this supports organisations indirectly through improved performance and better engagement at all levels.We are not inclined to engage if we have poor physical or poor emotional health.
  • Therapeutic Reflexology will support reduction in employee absenteeism & presenteeism and improved performance, as well as decreased illness and injuries rate.

If you would like to have Lifetime Health partner with you in your employee wellness programme, call Arthur to talk about your special needs. 082 456 0155.


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