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My mission, values and central purpose is to be a hero to all those who seek my help…………….

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU is: you will be fully supported in transforming your vision into reality, when you work with me.

Because Craniosacral therapy works at a cellular level (the cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies), they are effective for many physical & emotional conditions, including releasing tension, relieving pain and dysfunction and improving whole-body health and performance.

Some conditions that Craniosacral therapy is effective for are: Stress & anxiety, pain, backache, shoulder tension, neck tension, poor sleep & insomnia, poor dietary habits, people gasping for breath, sinus, headaches, respiratory problems, emotional conditions, whole body health, difficulty with pregnancy and more………………… (Emotions and our thoughts are intimately connected to our body.)

If you have a condition that is troubling you and you want advice, give Arthur a call on 082 456 0155. It’s worth the call.


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