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My mission, values and central purpose is to be a hero to all those who seek my help…………….

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU is: you will be fully supported in transforming your vision into reality, when you work with me.

Where should people look to treat these health challenges?

Some people are reluctant to leave their familiar system of medical care behind and jump head-first into Therapeutic Reflexology & Craniosacral Therapy.

The good news is, that Therapeutic Reflexology & Craniosacral Therapy and Western medicine can be used side-by-side for a truly comprehensive approach to getting you better.

At Lifetime Health, we will never interfere with your prescribed medication, nor your doctor’s advice. In fact, we like to collaborate with your doctor to get you feeling better, if you are happy for us to do so.

Our therapies and Western medicine each have their own principles, benefits and strengths.

The benefits of an effective healthcare strategy should include:

  • Giving patients time and listening to them
  • Pain relief
  • Addressing nagging health problems
  • Treating all the elements of physical & emotional health, such as stress & anxiety, fear & anger.
  • Enhancing immune function
  • Addressing gut health & chronic inflammation
  • Regulating and balancing hormones
  • Improvement of nutrition, sleep & posture
  • Relaxing the patient, elevating mood and creating a feeling of well-being.
  • Stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself
  • Improving lifestyle habits
  • And more…..

How can we help you?



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