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Coping with Crohn’s can be difficult  because it’s not only the physical symptoms of Crohn’s, such as: diarroea, unexplained weight loss, fever, abdominal pain and cramping, fatigue, low energy and reduced appetite, that are a challenge, it’s also the emotional distress, such as stress and tension that are a challenge.

Research shows that stress & tension seem to worsen or increase the risk of gastrointestinal problems. I experienced this myself when I had Crohn’s. At times I even despaired at the thought of an uncertain future.

Many people consider stress & tension to be the same thing. This is not so and understanding the difference can help you manage your Crohn’s better.

Generally, stress is a response to the external pressures and demands of daily life and, more importantly, aspects of one’s own personality, such as a tight deadline at work or having an argument with a close friend.

Tension arises from emotions that are generated in the unconscious mind, such as anger, anxiety and low self-esteem – something we create ourselves and are repressed. Tension can turn a positive self-image into a poor one. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you may prefer to be alone and withdraw from friends and social activities.

Lifetime Health recognises the importance of treating mind and body and adopts an integrated mind/body approach in all treatments.


Whenever you’re ready….. here’s 3 ways we can help you with your Crohn’s:
  1.  If you re curious about what you’ll experience,and how our therapies will help you, we invite you to book a 20 min complimentary telephonic consult.
  2.  e-mail us about what’s troubling you.
  3. Make an appointment so we can you can get started.

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