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“The best kind of medicine is the gentlest treatment that produces the maximum healing response” Andrew M Weil MD

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This newsletter is sent to you with our compliments and is intended to help you protect your health and keep you looking young and fit, naturally. We hope you enjoy today’s issue. April 2014.

This is a true story about John who walked up to Tanya’s desk and said “Tanya, the boss said he wants to see you in his office in 20 minutes”, How do you think this made Tanya feel? Did she get a knot in the pit of her stomach,? Did she get hot under the collar? Did she feel her hands starting to sweat? Did she feel her saliva drying up? I believe that she experienced fear and fear of the unknown is a very powerful negative emotion.

Research shows that your mind does matter when it comes to preventing or triggering, disease, because your emotional health is inextricably linked to and impacts your physical health, even though you may not be consciously aware of it. Negative emotions, such as anger, particularly if repressed, are one of the most important contributing factors for diseases, including cancer, headaches, back pain, gastrointestinal conditions. Being able to recognize your negative emotions, such as such as hate, anger, fear, anxiety and unresolved grief, can help you manage them better. However, it is wise to seek a positive diagnosis from a medical practitioner to rule out any physical aspects of illness.

Deep Therapeutic Reflexology and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy are especially effective health strategies, because they focus on a combination of mind and body. They quiet the mind, relax the body, settle the nervous system and integrate the physical aspects of your health, bringing them all into balance.

How did the story about Tanya end? Tanya’s boss simply wanted to know if she’d go to the Cape Town branch for a few days, to help the staff with the Company’s stock ordering system!

1 minute health tip: Mostly the things we worry about never ever happen, do they?

If you’re concerned that other approaches are not producing the kind of results you’d like to see, consider this an invitation to get in touch. 

I wish you abundant health and happiness.


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