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“The best kind of medicine is the gentlest treatment that produces the maximum healing response”
Andrew M Weil MD

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Dallas Buyers Club

Have you seen Dallas Buyers Club, a  controversial movie starring Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey (beautiful name), based on the life of Ron Woodroof?

My take on it

It is the tragic story of Woodroof who was diagnosed with AIDS and given 30 days to live. Woodroof refused AZT, one of the few government approved AIDS treatments, saying “I don’t know if I wouldn’t prefer giving a shot at eating Comet cleanser. I’m serious. That stuff will eat you up.”
Instead of passively accepting this prognosis however, Woodroof researched the deadly virus and its effects on the body’s immune system and began taking a regime of non-Federal Drug Administration approved alternative medication that was smuggled into USA from other countries.
In defiance of the FDA and other regulators, he began what is now known as the Dallas Buyers Club, through which he sold the medication to other desperate AIDS victims to stave off the disease.
Woodroof and his buyer’s club were involved in a number of lawsuits. In one case, the judge was sympathetic to Woodroof’s desperate plight and ruled that he was allowed to use the medication for his own purposes, but legally he could not distribute it.


We must take responsibility for our health! Most of the time, the best of holistic, common sense alternatives will be safer and better, but there are times we need drugs or surgery, eg one of the things that Woodruff learnt was the importance of healthy eating and in one scene you see him in a food supermarket, insisting on only buying healthy food.
In terms of the Patients Right Charter, we have the right to: exercise choice in healthcare services, participate in decision-making that affects our health, refuse treatment or information about our illness.
Woodroof’s fight brought added awareness to the disease, and the awareness in turn helped countless victims find him and attain a level of help otherwise unavailable.


If we were asked to comment on Woodroof’s strategy, we would have and suggested adding Therapeutic Reflexology to supplement the treatment protocol, because some of the many benefits of deep reflexology, the way we do it are: it boosts the immune system, provides relief from symptoms and drug side effects and it improve quality of life
However, we would also caution Woodroof about the importance of seeing a doctor with experience in HIV and AIDS, who can run tests to see how well his immune system is working and how fast the HIV is progressing.

I wish you abundant health and happiness.


1  minute health tip: If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything!

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