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My story – grappling with stress

Let me share a personal story with you. Stress can cause obesity! Some years ago, before I studied Therapeutic Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy, I owned a signage business. In reality, It should  be called “The Stress Business”. Many industries claim they are the most stressful but, take my word for it, the signage industry is #1. Grappling with the constant stress took it’s toll on my physical and emotional health. I’ll tell you more about this in future blog

Was my expanding waistline my wife’s fault?

Besides stress, there are other causes of obesity, such as misinformation and the influence of the media, but in my case stress was the root cause of my expanding waistline. I simply ate from stress. Perhaps you can relate? Now, mischievously, I reasoned that this wasn’t entirely my fault! My wife, Ann was, surely, partly to blame. Let me explain: Ann would arrive at the factory, each day and her first question was not “How are you feeling, darling?”, but “What’s wrong today?”. Is any further explanation necessary?  This was followed by her giving me a KFC zinger or a Steer burger. I am only human, so because of the stress, I would proceed to  “wolf down” the fast food offerings. Isn’t it amazing how we can convince ourselves of anything we want to believe in order not to take responsibility?


I am grateful that I, eventually, saw the light and realised I needed to take control of my stress and wellbeing and  I have managed to declutter my life physically and emotionally, so I feel better, have more energy, have found peace, built focus, day after day. and, importantly, have tamed stress & anxiety.

How are emotions are connected to the body?

Think about a time when you were calmly sitting at your desk and the receptionist called to tell you: “The boss wanted to see you in his office immediately”. Remember the  feeling of butterflies or tightening in your stomach, caused by your nervousness. That’s what I’m referring to. When we ignore stress and anxiety, (stress is linked to the stomach), we’re  on track for serious gut problems, such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, unintentional weight changes, poor sleep, fatigue and autoimmune conditions, such as Ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease. These can wreak havoc on our daily lives and the lives of employees. I recently read read an article which stated that 40% of the adults in the world suffer from gut problems. That means the productivity of 4 out of  every 10 employees will be diminished because they have gut problems.

Benefit  of Therapeutic Reflexology & Craniosacral therapy

Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy and the simple fundamentals of healthy living, have enabled me to help private patients and  corporate employees who have stress/gut and  other nagging health concerns with sustainable ways to feel better, live better, have more energy, better focus and more…….

You/Your employees will get there faster with a little help.

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