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We ‘re bound to fail in the getting of healthcare results when we do the right things, but for the wrong reasons –  Because we want to lose weight or because we want better health, or because it’s the right thing to do….. We may get short-term results, but it’s unlikely we will sustain them in the long run because the many distractions and complexities of living get in the way of a busy life.

This applies equally to businesses, that introduce wellness programmes for the wrong reasons and are then disappointed when they don’t get what they want.


The typical response that business executives give to this question is improved productivity, profit increase or sustained growth. Whatever your answer to this question, one constant holds true – that in order to achieve any of these goals, requires healthy, fit people. Yet, surprisingly few executives mention healthy, fit people.
“ The most valuable assets of a 20th century company were its production equipment. The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution will be its knowledge workers and their productivity”. Peter Drucker


Simple ways that create happiness, energy and success in their lives that give them immediate and noticeable results.


If this resonates with you and you’re looking for a simple approach to wellness that is sustainable  and gets results for you, your business and also your employees, call Arthur on 0824560155 to get together to talk about your needs.

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