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Think about the opposite. If employees are unhealthy and unhappy at work

  • Are they likely to be productive?
  • Are they likely to promote customer loyalty?
  • Are they Quiet quitting?  (According to Gallup, 60% of employees are Quiet quitting. They do not resign, but fill a seat and watch the clock).
  • And how many key employees have one foot out of the door, pondering opportunities outside your organization?

Key signs that might indicate your employee is feeling “the boss doesn’t care about me”. 

  • Late coming
  • Absenteeism & presenteeism,
  • Reduction of effort and the use of work time to attend to personal matters.

What are some hidden costs of onboarding a new employee?

  • the negative impact on morale of remaining team members when employees quit
  • the hidden administrative costs & reduced productivity of ‘new’ employees during their first 6 months or more of employment?

Leaders are not solely responsible their employees’ health and happiness, but they most certainly can play a meaningful role, by creating an environment where everyone on the team feels valued. Business is not just about targets and goals.

Perhaps Robert Cialdini, American psychologist, and renowned author of New York Times Bestselling “Influence and Pre-Suasion has the answer?

“People say yes to those they owe. Not always, of course – nothing in social interaction works like that – but often enough that behavioral scientists have labelled the tendency – the rule for reciprocation”.

This has been my experience over many years in the health & wellness space. Some will and some won’t, some do and some don’t. If they won’t and they don’t, then they have no one else to blame if they experience poor health issues and they’re no longer able to function effectively.

One of the best ways to improve productivity and earn employees’ loyalty and commitment is a concern for their health and happiness, because health and happiness are core human needs.

Healthy, happy employees may take fewer sick days, they accomplish more during their working hours and more………

An employee’s decision to provide full effort or neglect his/her job responsibilities may be influenced by Employee Experience. “My boss doesn’t care about me, so why should I care about the company”. I’ve heard this more than once at wellness events. On the other hand, I have heard whispers in the corridors: “Did you see that the boss participated in the wellness event today.”

“Success in business is all about people – take care of them & they’ll take care of business. It’s that simple”. Richard Branson

The fork in the road is plain to see. Some business leadership might say that Employee Experience and employees’ health is not their responsibility. Others might say they are concerned that employee decision to neglect his/her job responsibilities may well be associated with poor Employee Experience.

Who will see the possibility and opportunity of enhancing Employee Experience to protect/grow the future of their business? And who will decide to continue with “business as usual”? Don’t you think it’s a time for leadership to truly value people as holistic beings, with ingenuity and creativity. not just employees?

Well-Being is at the Heart of The Employee Experience The investment you make in your employees wellness will show that you genuinely care about them and want them to succeed at work and in life. Just as physical health, mental health and meaningful relationships overlap, so too do workplace wellbeing and personal wellbeing  – if one is being neglected the other/s will suffer and vice versa.

Finally, leaders. I encourage you: Make wellness an experience where you participate in it and where it’s not merely a “wellness programme for the employees”. It will give you a fun way to connect and engage with your employees. You’ll be surprised what you can learn from them and happy, healthy employees may not seek greener pastures.

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