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Hello, this is Arthur,

The problem

“Amid rapidly rising consumer prices, nearly four in 10 Americans have cut spending on healthcare or other basic needs due to rising healthcare costs”.

  • One in four adults are skipping care or medicine due to rising costs.
  • Two fifths are concerned about affording needed care in the next six months.
  • Women under 50 are disproportionately foregoing care and prescription drugs.
  • Can we assume this is the same in South Africa? Probably, maybe even worse.


There’s invariably a consequence when we neglect our health. When our body tells us something is wrong, the worst things we can do for our physical as well as mental health, is to neglect the signals. Living in constant fear that something may be wrong with us physically or emotionally can cause feelings of intense stress and anxiety.


Imagine if you had safe, drug-free solution,  that was a fraction of the cost of medical treatment and medication, and medication? A well trained, registered  Therapeutic Reflexologist and Craniosacral therapist can help you.

#Action tip: You can star helping yourself by focussing on healthy eating, sleep, exercise and deep breathing.

Do you think this is something you want to do?  And if you are an employer who wants to help your employees improve their health, call Arthur, Therapeutic Reflexologist and Craniosacral therapist 0824560155. (Employee health is fundamental to productivity, profitability & growth).

When we give away our day, we give away our future.

Best wishes, Arthur.

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