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Is reality being lost  in a mist of hope? 

Some business leaders will say they are not experiencing Quiet quitting and Loud quitting. Others may fight it as an unwanted change. Then there are others who will recognise it as a reality that has traction, tenacity and a damaging impact on the future of their businesses.

Following Covid, many businesses and individuals are experiencing unprecedented turmoil, turbulence, disruption & uncertainty and there are mixed views about how long this trend will continue. Some experts believe we will never return to pre-COVID “stability”. I tend to agree with this. What do you think?

In addition to their daily challenges, businesses are now having to grapple with Quiet quitting and Loud quitting, which, negatively, impacts their profitability and growth. Research by Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations, reveals:

  • 60% of employees are Quiet quitting. (they do not resign, but fill a seat and watch the clock).
  • 21% of employees are Loud quitting (they take action that harms their organisation).
  • that leaves only 19% who are productive!

What do businesses want ?

Whatever your answer to this question, one constant holds true – that to achieve improved profitability, sustained growth and key employee retention requires healthy, fit people. This is more important than ever if you want to protect the future of your business.

Richard Branson says: “Success in business is all about people – take care of them & they’ll take care of business. It’s that simple”.

Your business performance could be totally transformed by decreasing Quiet Quitting & Loud Quitting.

Something to consider. Organisations need to focus on their core business activities and many do not have the skills or manpower to provide ongoing support in “non-core” activities.

My mission is simple:

My mission is to listen to you, to get a clear understanding of what your concerns are and what you want, until you feel I understand and to create a service that speaks your language and reflects your values.

“If you want to WOW the customer, FIRST you must WOW the people who WOW the customer.” Tom Peters

How to get in touch

Can I interest you in having a conversation so I can get an understanding of your concerns and what you want, to create a plan to transform your concerns? (No sign up or anything needed).  I have experience in “both sides of the fence”.

Simply call Arthur on 0824560155. You’ll get there faster with a little help.

Here’s a free article to help you choose a well-suited “expert”. (Right click and open document in new window).



Arthur – 0824560155.


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