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Hello again,

It’s surprising what people share in gym changerooms…………..

These conversations  have always fascinated me. Naturally, as a male, I am only referring to the men’s change rooms – and the conversations that take place when men are dressing after their workouts! Men don’t seem to be quite as chatty before their work-outs. Perhaps its because more oxygen is pumped to our brains when we don our sneakers and hit the gym.

From chatty questions to questions that are seriously impacting peoples’ lives:   

  1. “how was your workout today?    2.  to “how was the temperature in the aqua pool today?”  3.  to “can’t you tell your instructor to lower her voice – I could hear her shouting from the other side of the gym and it disturbs me?”  4. to ” have you watched the Heartland series on Netflix?”‘    5. to “did anyone in your family have Covid?”  6.  to “do you think we’ll ever get out of load shedding?'”  7.  to “did you hear that Joe (not his real name) lost his job?”  8.  to “do you know how many people are having to work 60 hours or more a week?”

Having a chat and friendly banter over light-hearted topics is fun.  However,  as a wellness coach and mentor, I’m greatly alarmed by the impact questions 5-8 have on employees’ physical & emotional health and the consequences for business profitability, growth and employee retention.

A healthy lifestyle will help employees cope with the many physical and emotional challenges they are facing in our modern world. This fundamentally, means healthy eating, exercising, getting quality sleep, deep breathing, managing stress and avoiding the risk of burnout. This will improve their productivity and their performance, as we emerge from the Covid pandemic and have to navigate the challenges of load-shedding.

And this is good for business!

Our strategy is a mature blend between practical, wellness fundamentals and personal development.

Many organisations do not have the skills or manpower to provide ongoing support in employee wellness and this is detrimental to company performance. Consider this an invitation to get in touch. My services are not free I’m afraid, but they sure are reasonable. How reasonable? VERY reasonable as I’ll prove when we talk. 

Contact Arthur 0824560155.

Simplify wellness.  Amplify life.

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