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This is Arthur,

The problem

Human beings, like us, struggle with productivity, motivation, exhaustion and energy when our nutrition is deficient. Many get stuck in a number of areas:
— Not being sure what essential nutrients are, so we flit from thing to thing.
— Not being sure if we’re doing it right, so we don’t take it far enough to succeed.
— Being overwhelmed with misinformation, quick fix ideas and all the minutia and dozens or hundreds of things that must be done… none of which really bring results…

The consequences

Crummy nutrition, (pardon the pun), is linked to poor gut health (gut health is the key to overall good health), stress, fatigue, cognitive decline, depression and the ability to perform one’s job effectively.

Should you be concerned about your employees’ nutrition if you’re an employer?  Only if you’re concerned that poor nutrition is linked to a dramatic risk of loss of productivity. This doesn’t mean that you need to necessarily feed them, but, I suggest, that guiding them about the benefits of healthy balanced eating will benefit them and your business, for the long term. I’ve seen poor nutrition in the workplace too many times.

The solution

A simple, step-by-step  approach that helps you/your employees take control of your  eating – also your drinking, so you feel better, have more energy and tame stress and anxiety, day after day.

If you’re an employer, you may want to consider an integrated wellness programme, because eating is only one of the key needs for our physical and mental health and improving productivity.

Many organisations do not have the skills or manpower to provide ongoing support in employee wellness and this is detrimental to company performance. It’s precisely these things we can help you navigate.

Health tip

Eat more whole grains, like oats, nuts, like almonds, veggies, fresh fruits. Eat less sugar, wheat, dairy, fast food and soft drinks, alcohol and do not smoke.

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