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Gallup reveals that an estimated 18 million Americans report, recently, being unable to pay for care or medicine for themselves or their families and lack access to affordable quality care if it were needed today. 94% of these people report that healthcare prices today are a daily source of stress.   

From my experience in the corporate world as well as an experienced wellness provider, I believe there is a similar pattern in South Africa.

Because it is difficult to identify stress at work, as well as stress that employees bring to work, we shouldn’t believe it’s not happening and that its not impacting  productivity/profitability and employee wellness. Stress affects both employees at work and those working remotely:

Impact on Employees

  •  Sleep disturbances and headaches
  •  Obesity and Gastrointestinal upset. (Research shows that 40% of the adults in the world suffer from gastrointestinal disorders).
     Substance (including alcohol) abuse
     Shortens our temper, makes us feel irritated and reluctant to communicate.
     Anxiety, Irritability and Depression
     Increased risk of  long-term, chronic conditions, such as raised blood pressure/cardiovascular disease
     Poor concentration = poor productivity and performance.
     Low motivation.
     Difficulty with thought process.
     Loss of memory.
     Poor decision-making.
  • Impact on organisations
    • High absenteeism & presenteeism.
    • Increased ill-health and development of chronic health conditions.
    • High employee turnover.
    • Low morale
    • Poor motivation
    • Poor performance and productivity.
    • Employees who feel stressed will leave to look for a more empathetic organisation. Employers have to absorb the hidden unplanned, costs of absenteeism and presenteeism, which costs are not reflected in the financial statements.

Peter Drucker, father of management thinking, wisely held: the most valuable asset  of an organisation are it’s knowledge workers  and their productivity.

Wellness is a core human need and this means all aspects of

physical and emotional health, as a baseline. 

What will accomplish this? A SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE, SUSTAINABLE way to improve the fundamentals of healthy living that are safe & drug-free and that  de-stress & de-clutter their lives physically & emotionally.

The better your organisation is perceived; the more high-quality talent will want to work at your organisation.

What do you think?

If you want to better results for your wellness or the wellness of your employees’ chat to me, Arthur, on 0824560155.

I’m about Simple| Flexible |Sustainable  – not about doing ALL THINGS RIGHT ALL THE TIME (Because that’s impossible.) My aim is to give participants a fulfilling, fun and liberating experience.



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