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Is it not true that sometimes we think we have unlimited time or capacity to add more things into our day. WE DON’T!

There are things that you’re doing that you know are not in your best interests. Things of low value or no value, which means you have no time or energy to do the few things that will enable you to enjoy a better life in the future. This has been my experience. How about you? Here’s an, easy to follow, tip I learnt from a podcast recently, about how you can  prioritise your time to what truly matters, to maximize your effectiveness and well-being and to have less stress in your life,

When you start your typical day, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What am I deliberately and intentionally going to do today – and why?
  2. What am I deliberately and intentionally  not going to do  today –  and why not?
  3. Will my “why”  enable me to enjoy a better life in the future.?

For many of us it’s not only what we’re deliberately doing that leads to success or disaster, it’s also about what we’re deliberately eliminating that can make the difference. The ability to identify what not to do is an integral part of preventing potential disasters and achieving success and satisfaction.

Life’s experiences come with a price, because as you go through life, your life becomes more complicated by responsibilities, commitments and obligations, like your career, your personal interests, family, social and your leisure activities.

So what do you “deliberately and intentionally” eliminate to take the pressure off yourself? In my experience, many people stop going to the gym. Perhaps with the promise “I‘ll hit the ground running as soon as the pressure eases off.” If this enables you to enjoy a better life in the future, it may be an option. if not, before you jump the gun, think about this: Sedentary behaviour has some potentially negative consequences, such as weight gain, stress, depression, burnout, mental health issues, sleep disturbances and reduced overall quality of life, which can impact you both personally and professionally. As well as a host of nagging physical and chronic health problems, which blunt your effectiveness. And because the deterioration happens gradually, it goes unnoticed, but so does the decline in your productivity and your performance .

And, for example, what if I told you that exercise has an immediate, positive benefit for your brain including your mood and your focus? Would that change your mind? And what if I told you that it could actually protect your brain from different conditions like depression, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Would you stop gyming? Of course not!

Exercise is just one of the element of wellness that will prevent potential disasters or achieve success and satisfaction in your life. There are a few other fundamental elements, all of which overlap,  that will optimize your productivity and performance and which can seamlessly be integrated into a busy schedule.

What makes it easier and sustainable?  
  • Motivational Support.
  • Personalised Health Information.
  • Dietary Advice.
  • Lifestyle Recommendations.
  • Mental Health Support.
  • Fitness Guidance.
  • Disease Prevention.
  • Medical Awareness.
  • Life skill and team building presentations.
  • Kindness, caring and fun.
  • An approach to wellness based on correct fundamental principles of healthy, balanced living that are easy to follow and empower you.

You and your team can experience how quickly your life can improve by helping you attain & sustain your best health, centred on what you value, what is good for you and what you have reason to do, to shape your happiness and effectiveness, that you can cement it into your daily life.

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PS 1. Wellness tip: “If you want a simple formula for having a good day, then get a workout done and do your most important task before lunch. Knock out those two things by noon and you really feel like you’re ahead of the day.” James Clear.

PS 2. Have a terrific rest of your day! And if you find this post valuable, your support in sharing it would be greatly appreciated.


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