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The problem
Research by Gallup reveals: In 2021, four in 10 adults worldwide said they experienced a lot of worry (42%) or stress (41%), and slightly more than three in 10 experienced a lot of physical pain (31%). More than one in four experienced sadness (28%), and slightly fewer experienced anger (23%). Experiences of stress, worry and sadness ticked upward in 2021 and set new records. Worry rose two points, while stress and sadness increased one point each.

The Consequences
Some common problems linked to physical health:
Stomach or digestive problems. This is critical – “All disease begins in the gut” , chest pain, tight hips, back pain, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, headaches, high blood pressure, weak immune system and more

Some common problems linked to emotional and mental health health:
Anxiety or irritability, anger, fear, depression and more…. Our emotional health impacts our physical health significantly.

What is the consequence for productivity, profitability and growth in organisations?

Do you think employees can possibly be effective when stressed, unhappy, in pain or angry?

Often, people try to manage these problems with unhealthy behaviours, that worsen the problem, such as:

• Poor eating habits which can result in eating disorders.
• Drinking alcohol too much or too often.
• Smoking.
• Using recreational drugs.

The Solution
Instead of being stressed, fatigued, irritable and burned out, a well-trained Therapeutic Reflexologist & Craniosacral therapist can help you declutter your life physically and emotionally, by including all the elements of physical and emotional health in their treatments and this can give you more control of your wellbeing.

# Action tip: avoid sitting too much, because sitting is linked to obesity and overweight , increased blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, back & neck pain and more……

What is your opinion?

Call Arthur 0824560155, if you, think this sounds good to you or if you are an employer, you may want to help your employees too. Wellbeing, productivity, and profitability go hand in hand.
I’m about flexibility – not about doing ALL THINGS RIGHT ALL THE TIME (Because that’s impossible.) My aim is for you to experience that winning feeling.

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